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NuFarm Weedone® LV6 EC

Weedone LoVol 6 is registered for use on small grains, corn, pasture/rangeland, weeds and brush in non-crop areas and roadsides and has a high acid concentration that allows for efficient shipping and storage. Weedone LoVol 6 is provided at a lower cost, on an a.i. basis, than 4 lb., 2,4-D esters and is usually preferred to be used as an aerial or custom application. As with Weedone LV4 Solventless, Weedone LoVol 6 mixes well with liquid fertilizer and can also be mixed with water and oil to control tough perennial broadleaf weeds and brush.

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Major Crop/Use

  • Wheat, barley, rye (not underseeded with legumes)
  • Field corn, grain sorghum, soybeans (preplant only)
  • Grasses for seed production, pastures, rangelands, fallow lands
  • Non-crop areas, forest management